How to recycle?

A second life

Sorting our clothes and classifying them is giving them a second life. This minimizes the impact of textiles on the environment, while reducing the carbon footprint.

If the clothes are in good condition you can donate or sell them second hand.

Another option is to recycle clothes, they should never be thrown away.

como reciclar prendas weve
recycling scheme

All our garments are made with MONOMATERIAL, this means that there is no mixing of synthetic with natural materials. Thus creating a circularity of our garments, which never become waste and are RECYCLABLE.

In the case of knitted garments, we must remove the trimmings and labels before throwing them away for recycling, if the composition of the garment is neither polyester nor polyamide, as our labels are made of plastic from sea bottles and we should not mix synthetic materials with natural ones.

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