Combing your hair and leaving your brush full of hairs?

Finding hair on your pillow or on the back of a jumper?

All normal for the time of year! 🍂

Hair loss in autumn is a reality and it happens to all of us! At Weve we want to give you some tips to minimise it!⭐

🧼Wash your hair day in and day out, with gentle, natural and specific shampoos for hair loss

🚿Do not tie your hair up when it is just wet to avoid fiber breakage

🫙Use a stimulating scalp serum before shampooing to stimulate hair microcirculation so that the shampoo acts more synergistically

🏥You can take a nutritional supplement; ask your pharmacist for advice.

💆‍♀️Use wide-toothed combs to prevent hair tangles and breakage

🫗Drink plenty of water and eat seasonal fruit and vegetables!

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