Find out what the training trends are this season!

Fitness is being prioritised in different ways, let's discover them!

In general, the trend of going to gyms and fitness centres is back, to value training in real life over virtual life.

The gym becomes a community, educational environment, full of fitness activities, where some will have a holistic approach

For many, the sense of community is very important; given the opportunity to connect with like-minded people.

For others, longevity will be key; more emphasis will be placed on movement and posture, to counteract sitting all day, pain-free living and sustainable lifestyle change. Others will exercise through body expression dance or ballet

All this without forgetting low-impact workouts, which are a sustainable way for all ages and fitness levels to achieve overall wellness and manage the stress of everyday life

And as a star trend, overloaded practicality; we highlight the rise of micro workouts, which we can fit into today's busy schedules

Workout stacking is all about combining different workouts to create a personalised experience to meet each individual's fitness goal; for example, a 30-minute spinning class, followed by eight minutes of Pilates and five minutes of meditation.

Whichever one suits you best, find some time every day to get your body moving!

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