Project objectives

Weve is a fashion brand that promotes a healthy lifestyle combined with everyday life, women with the “natural&earthy” concept.

The athleisure design that wants to merge sportswear with knitwear to convey the concept of the metropolis muse.

Sustainable and long-lasting collections, inspired by nature, where women and the planet are the epicentre.

We intend to cover all types of sustainability, from the beginning to the "end", a circular fashion:

In order to try to embrace as much sustainability as possible, we use the CLO3D software tool in the process of creating our sportswear, so we can create our first prototype digitally and reduce waste production in the design process as well.

The future project of the brand is not only to cover the world of fashion and style, also to base its communication on healthy advice for everyday life, both in terms of food and nutrition, as well as sport and beauty.

In order to promote a Weve lifestyle, in peace with oneself and in harmony with the environment.

For active and activist women, modern and practical, with a healthy lifestyle for themselves, their families and friends, as well as for our planet.

First we have focused on creating the athleisure fashion collection with a relaxed-formal aesthetic. We want the design to be unique, special, that transmits naturalness, always connected with the woman's figure, that is versatile.

That is why we propose the combination of the garments between various looks, and we create some garments that are modular, in order to make it a long-lasting design that lasts throughout the trends. We want to bring sportswear closer to elevated basics.

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