­č¬íSustainable Fashion­čî┐

En el mercado de la moda y sostenibilidad nos encontramos con la falta de dise├▒os elevados. Nosotras buscamos prendas de temporada que se adapten a las tendencias, con un dise├▒o que nos haga sentir empoderadas, SIEMPRE bas├índonos en la sostenibilidad de las prendas. Hacemos que la moda y la sostenibilidad vayan de la mano.­čĄŁ

ÔÖ╗´ŞĆWe talk about the concept of circular fashion when we can draw the process of production, use, and recycling of the same garment in a closed circle, that the same garment, made with sustainable and recycled materials, does not become waste and is recyclable.

­čî┐Todas nuestras prendas las hacemos de MONOMATERIAL, para que su futuro no sea ser residuo, si no sea reciclable.

­č¬íThe fashion industry might not be the first to come to mind when talking about fossil fuels­čŤó´ŞĆ But modern textiles rely heavily on petrochemicals that come from many of the same oil and gas companies that generate greenhouse gas emissions.­čĺĘ

It also accounts for one-fifth of the 300 million tonnes of plastic produced worldwide each year­čîÄ

Only a fraction of what is manufactured is recycled and 87% of the fibre used for clothing is eventually incinerated or sent to landfill­čöą

And while big business has the most power to make a radical change, small actions are also part of the solution . ­čî▒ Buying sustainable and local brands makes a difference­čĺź

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