Ready for the third drop of the FOREST FW23 collection?

Here are some details of the two capsules that were released, this tuesday 7/11!

Enter the deepest part of the forest to discover the changes in our trees!

In this new drop, we will know the HAYA, a deciduous tree, with a longevity of 250 years and slow growth, with straight trunk, not branched and oval crown.

The purple variety, brings us to the new HAYA set; it represents the adaptability and versatility of the species; a sporty set that combines two unique textures and colors; ideal for your daily sports practice and if you combine it with the game fish, it makes it very versatile so that you can go for a walk, shopping or have something to eat with friends and family.

And there is also the NOGAL; a very common tree in Europe, which is known for the quality of its wood and the exquisiteness of its fruit; the new one. The outfit NOGAL, of gray tones, is majestic and elegant, very cozy for your daily life. cozy para tu dia a dia

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