Wevexperience & TheWellCo

Wevexperience & TheWellCo ✨

Last Thursday the 23rd, we had a very special WEVEXPERIENCE; be aware that we will tell you all the details!

We offered WEVE clients, a Yoga class, taught by Monica Valls of The Well Co in a dream space; JUNO HOUSE.

Juno House🏠

Yoga Juno house

Juno House is a social club designed by and for women, to promote personal wellness, professional development and the creation of a collaborative community, designed with a holistic and conscious look.

Juno house

The purpose of Juno House is to meet the real needs of women; to seek professional growth in a conciliatory environment; values that fit perfectly with the Weve Women.

The Event🧘‍♀️

Juno house

We enjoyed a great yoga practice in the Juno Studio and then, we had a snack in the Juno Café; natural yogurt with granola and red fruits, juices and refreshing water with lime, while we shared experiences, work exploits, tips from mom to mom, tips to better reconcile and find time for oneself...

Yoga Juno House

Coming soon...

A different, special afternoon, where we were able to disconnect for a few hours to reconnect with ourselves!

Will you join us for the next #wevexperience? 

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