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5 tips to keep your skin hydrated in winter!

It's that time of the year when our skin starts to feel tight and dry, and sometimes, even angry. The cold air, the wind, the changes in temperature (from being outdoors to going into heated places) make our skin dehydrated, especially in the face and hands area.

Here are 5 tips to reduce this dehydration!

Rinse the skin with soft, pH-neutral soaps, so as not to alter the natural barrier of the skin and protect its microbiota.

Avoid showering with very hot water and when drying yourself with a washcloth, do it gently, without scrubbing your skin too hard, so as not to irritate or soften it.

Use moisturizing cream daily: as we age our skin, the natural barrier that our skin has, is lost; it is important to nourish it every day with moisturizing creams or scents.

Use quality gloves and gloves made of 100% responsible and hypoallergenic wool for your skin.

Hydration from within: it is very important to drink water and natural juices to keep the skin healthy and radiant, as well as to eat antioxidant foods such as turnips, artichoke or black chocolate, to protect cells from free radicals and prevent epithelial cells from being damaged.

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