Starting from the premise that what is really important is to get into a habit that includes regular exercise as part of our healthy routine, if you do it in the morning, the mood of your day will thank you!

Doing sports just after waking up, accelerates the metabolism, lifts the mood and reduces stress, because when we exercise, we generate dopamine, serotonin and endorphins, the hormones of happiness that help us feel good throughout the day!

  • It helps to establish a routine, since first thing in the morning there is no excuse of "I don't have time"
  • Improves the sleep cycle and favors the circadian rhythm.
  • On an empty stomach, more fat is burned
  • Increases energy for the whole day
  • Improves mood

And what exercises do we recommend?

30 min of running: ideal with the LIQUEN look; joggers perfect for running, with the under top with strong support and the lichen upper top, with a sleeve so you don't get cold first thing in the morning.

10 min of strength +10 min of skipping and burpees+10 min of abs: ideal routine to practice with the OLIVO set, which allows you to comfortably pick up dumbbells and jump safely.

30 min of guided class with your favorite online trainer, with the HAYA set, which adapts perfectly to all movements.

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