Ideas to gift this Christmas🎄

Weve's mission🎁

At weve we want to combine this tradition with the wellbeing of your loved ones and the planet, so we help you find the perfect gift for those around you:

The perfect gifts for them

🏃‍♀️For your Sister the "Runner":

Mujer chándal suave y sostenible

She can go for a run or a walk in her neighbourhood or a nearby park. She can enjoy the Christmas lights and fresh air while staying active. We recommend the LIQUEN outfit for this exercise, as it consists of a jogger that gives full mobility for running, and a double top, which can be sleeved on and off depending on the level of activity or the weather. It also comes with a jumper that can be worn over the top if it's too cold. Perfect as a gift with a pair of running shoes and wireless headphones so he can listen to his favourite tracks while running.

🧘‍♀️For your "Yogi" friend:

Practising yoga or pilates at home or joining a class can be a great way to maintain flexibility and strength, while providing a relaxing break from the hustle and bustle of the festive season. That's why give your friend the OAK set, because its comfortable movement and support makes it perfect for this type of exercise - and you can give it as a gift with a matching yoga mat, block or water bottle!

Mujer yoga

💻For your mother who prefers to exercise in the comfort of her living room:

Mujer ropa deportiva rosa

If she prefers to stay at home, there are plenty of exercise routines she can do, from high-intensity workouts to yoga or pilates. You can give her the DRAGO set, the perfect sports outfit for doing a few planks at home, or a more leisurely workout and wrap up warm in the Drago sweatshirt. This gift is perfect to complement it with a subscription to a digital fitness platform.

🎿For you, ski lover:

If you can get away for a weekend in a snowy area, consider skiing or snowboarding. It's an exciting activity that takes advantage of the wonders of winter, while enjoying the mountain scenery. For the après ski that is so enjoyable after the cold and physical activity of the sport, treat yourself to the PINO set, super comfortable for lounging in front of the fireplace with a cup of your favourite tea. Perfect to give as a present together with a few breaks or some warm and comfortable clothes, like gloves or a scarf.

Chándal punto gris

Conclusion: Sport and Christmas🎀

Playing sports during Christmas not only contributes to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, but can also be a fun way to spend time with friends and family - choose an activity you love and enjoy the season actively!

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